• Bustacap was released on moddb.com.  http://www.moddb.com/downloads/bustacap-beta-installer



  • If you are having problems with your server not being visible on the server list it is your firewall / windows settings.  I have connected to servers on the west coast that would pop up on the server list so it is possible.  Since Bustacap was built off of the Quake 3 engine, troubleshoot server broadcast problems through Q3 to figure out why your machine isn't letting the Bustacap app through.
  • Server creation instructions:  Here is how you create an internet server:  Go to multiplayer menu.  Change the broadcast setting to "internet."  Hit the go button.  It will kick you back out into Windows and you will see a blue console, this is your server.  From here you can type in the console to change server settings like the map, the number of bots, etc.  Now to join your own server start another instance of Bustacap.  Go to the multiplayer menu and search for your game.  If it doesn't come up under the "servers: internet" change it to "servers: local" and it should pop up.  Join your own server.  Fast computers are required to host well so if your computer is slow then you should join instead of host because people will experience lag when they are in the game if its hosted by a slow CPU server. 
  • Bustacap map kit:  If you want to make maps for Bustacap, you'll need this version of Q3map2.  I also included the map editor that was used. Read the file included in the zip called "BUSTACAP INSTRUCTIONS.txt"
  • Optimizing Bustacap's appearance:  Although Bustacap has anisotropic filtering, things like antialiasing will need to be done through your video card's software.
  • Music:  This is a collection of various midi files that I'd play Bustacap to.  I'm not sure why but midi music seems the most appropriate for the artistic theme of this game.


  • Fixed some multiplayer issues. 
  • Made a new map "Moval4"


  • Consolidated all the files to be ready to distribute.  Got the game to 700 mb.  It almost never uses more than 500 meg of memory.


  • First draft of the webpage is done.  I will be making it prettier later.
  • Fixed how shotguns wouldn't damage targets at point blank.
  • Pushed minigun tracer starting origin out a bit to look better.
  • Consolidating files.

Started working on the webpage