Corporate Dumb Center

Size: 300 yards x 400 yards
Completion: 85%
Notes: possibly place some cars, work on the skybox, skybox texture is meh.


Crapmark Middle School

Size: 235 yards x 200 yards
Completion: 95%
Notes: The only thing left to do is the perimeter of the map


Arrrlington High School

Size: 320 yards x 300 yards
Completion: 85%
Notes: Home of the Pirates.  They're after
yer booty.  The only thing left to do is the perimeter of the map and the skybox.


Martin Lothar King High School

Size: 400 yards x 300 yards
Completion: 65%
Notes: Need to finish center admin, outside buildings, skybox.



Size: 512 yards x 300 yards

Completion: 70%

Notes: Inspired by de_port and cs_compound, recreated in toon fashion.  Need to finish boat, shed, and warehouses.


Moreno Valley 1

Size: 400 yards x 300 yards
Completion: 75%
Notes: Need to finish replacing simple houses with detailed houses, and skybox.


Moreno Valley 2

Size: 400 yards x 400 yards
Completion: 85%
Notes: outside buildings, and do some detailing.


Moreno Valley 4

Size: 355 yards x 355 yards
Completion: 95%
Notes: I want to surround the map with a layer of buildings before the skybox.



Size: 200 yards x 312 yards
Completion: 75%
Notes: Still have to finish one of the streets, outside buildings, skybox.



Size: 900 yards x 900 yards
Completion: 50%
Notes: Still have to build a castle, do the
bridges, improve the curve code for zoom (so it
doesn't look so terrible when zoomed in).
 finish skybox.



Size: 1,000 yards x 500 yards
Completion: 25%
Notes: Inside of red citadel, blue castle, 2 other
buildings between red castle and blue castle,



Size: 2,000 yards x 2,000 yards
Completion: 10%
Notes: Recreating Springfield so that you can
go into most every building is going to be a
huge project that will probably need to be
divided by a team of people just because
it takes so long to accurately recreate each


Springfield Nuclear

Size: 1,000 yards x 1,000 yards
Completion: 5%
Notes: The map is too big and too far away
from Springfield to be merged with it.



Size: N/A
Completion: N/A
Notes: I've been rebuilding all of the locations
from the classic X-Com Terror from the Deep

for a future project.


Block Fort

Size: 140 yards x 140 yards
Completion: 100%
Notes: Nostalgia.