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Bustacap is a cartoon modern warfare game that takes place during the second American Civil War. The country has collapsed into chaos and there is much violence inherit in the system. The American people fight against a tyrannical government that is oppressing them.  The homes, streets, and schools of America, plus other places, have become the battlefield for this great struggle.  Eventually they will be able to "bring it" to the rich fat cat families that run the show. 

Game Features:

  • Cartoon look.  The original idea was a look like Team Fortress 2 but as a modern warfare game. 
  • Smooth Performance.  An improved rendering system (from Q3) that allows for smooth performance even on old machines without video cards.  A mid range system can get 60 fps most of the time on a full map at 1920x1080 with max settings.
  • The game's focus was less on appearance and more on gameplay and maps.  The game feels like the right balance between symbolism vs realism, and it rewards accuracy, reaction time, and quick thinking over spam. It plays better than Counterstrike or TF2 and has a unique look. 
  • Currently 24 weapons that each serve a unique purpose.
  • Realistic ballistics:
    • Bullets lose speed, energy, and elevation from gravity just as they would in reality.  As bullets pierce through objects, people, walls, etc. they also lose the appropriate speed/energy based on the material of the object.
    • Each weapon was tested on a shooting range map out to 1000 yards.  The grouping, drop, speed and energy losses were tested to be accurate for each weapon.  The only discrepancy is on the 100y target the bullet doesn't rise an inch or two as they do in reality before dropping.
  • Real world maps.  Many of the maps are recreated real world locations.
  • Fast load times.
  • Fair scoring system.

Scoring System:
          Score is based on damage.  Every 100 points of damage displays as 1 point on the scoreboard.   So 143 damage is 1.43 points.  The amount of points you can get per attack is capped at 100 points per victim so if you do 1000 damage to a target it's still only 1 point.  Damaging a friend causes a negative value.  You lose one point for dying in non-objective gametypes.

Gameplay Types:

  • Free For All:  Each player is on their own team.  There are bonus points around the map placed in vulnerable locations and they are worth 3 points.
  • Team Deathmatch:  No bonuses, no objectives, just kill more enemies than they kill you.
  • Capture the Flag: 10 points for a capture, 5 points for pickup up the flag.  Point multiplier for being near a flag.  If near your flag or flag carrier it's 2x the usual points (for damage).  If the enemy is near your flag 2x points.  If both 3x points.
  • Zombie mode: 4 players on trooper team and the rest are kung-fu zombies.  Zombies are melee only and can only be killed by a headshot.  1/4 points per zombie kill.  You lose 3 points for dying or friendly fire kill.  When playing as zombie you get 2 points per melee hit!  You lose no points when you die as a zombie.
  • Capture Points: Coming later
  • Bomb: Coming later


  • The player menu can be accessed by pressing F1 to choose what weapons/equipment you want.  The only way to get special heavy weapons is if you set yourself to "random." You can also pick them up and use them if they're on the ground.
  • Weapon Limits: You can only carry one primary and one secondary weapon.  If you want to change your weapon press "G" to throw the current weapon so you can pickup the weapon on the ground.
  • Aiming: To toggle aiming press the aim key "mouse2" to get a crosshair.  You are limited to walking while aiming and you can't jump too.
  • Kneeling:  If firing a weapon while kneeling it causes for the tightest possible weapon spread.  Heavy weapons like the Cannon are best used while kneeling and not meant to be used while standing.
  • Running: If firing the weapon while moving it causes for a wide weapon spread.
  • Location damage: A headshot is always a kill.  2x damage to upper torso shots.  Arms and legs take little damage.  A leg shot will reduce player's running speed and it can only be restored by picking up a health.
  • Critical wounds:  Every time you are hit in the torso it creates a critical wound.  Once your health falls below half you will lose the amount of your critical wounds per second until you die or get healed.
  • Friendly fire is forced on but mirror damage is also forced on.  This also applies to location damage such as slow movement due to legshots.  So if you shoot your buddy in the leg because it's funny to you to watch him slowly slug across the map, you will also have to move like a cripple.
  • Armor:  It works like in real life.  As bullets travel through the air, walls, people, etc. they lose energy.  It requires so much energy to pierce armor (based on level IIIA).  If it didn't have enough it will only do 1 damage and knock the target back.  This means that lighter rifles that would pierce armor at close range may or may not pierce the armor at further ranges depending on the energy left when the bullet hits the target.  When troopers have armor they also have a helmet, but when a player on team rebels uses armor it's only body armor but they move slightly faster than an armored trooper.  Players that have body armor (), have a better chance of stopping lower energy weapons. 



  • To make your game look sexier you'll have to set this through your video card's software.  Catalyst Control Center if you have ATI or Nvidia's control panel if you have an Nvidia card.  Although anisotropic filtering is implemented into the engine, antialiasing is not and you will want that.
  • Setting "r_smp" to 1 in the console to use multicore is controversial.  It will give about a 30% performance increase on most maps, especially if you're using lots of bots, but on larger maps such as CDC it's known to cause the game to hang on map load.  This depends on your system and it's a  more likely to crash with r_smp on if you have something else using a lot of CPU in the background.  It's recommended to play with it off. 

Known bugs:

  • Occasionally a player can get "stuck" on having unlimited ammo with the Big Mac.
  • For whatever magical reason, the AK47 doesn't cause blood to come out of its impacts.  This is another reason that makes we think computers are alive and intentionally like to play games with us because there is no reason in the code why it does this
  • Zombies that get decapitated do not respawn with their heads back on.


Join Up / Complain:

  • If anyone wants to complain or mod this game by adding maps, models, etc. or if you're good at making toon or pixel art and wanted to add some textures/icons you can contact me at:  too_many_terds@hotmail.com.